Wanker of the Day: updated statistics

As the self-appointed Wanker Chronicler for Eschaton, I’ve tallied all of the the Wanker of the Day awards to date; perhaps you’ve seen the previous reports here, here, and here.

I’ll work on finalizing the full list of all WOTD honorees (there are 547 awards and probably upwards of 400 honorees total, so it’ll take a while), but in the meantime, here are your Top Ten Wankers of the Day as of today (Hall of Famers in italics):

1. Fred Hiatt23 24 (see below)
2. Glenn “Instawanker” Reynolds – 22
3. Joe Lieberman – 21
4. Joe Klein 16
5. John McCain and Andrew Sullivan (tie) – 11
7. David Broder and Jonah Goldberg (tie) – 10
9. Richard Cohen – 9
10. John “Assrocket” Hinderaker, Michelle Malkin, Tim Russert, Rick Santorum, and Marshall Wittman (tie) – 7

There definitely is room for additional Hall of Famers, and it’s probably time for another induction. So stay tuned …

UPDATE (10:04 am 10/28/07): Proving himself a wanker for the ages, Hiatt took the honor again yesterday (Saturday), giving him 24 and a two-wank lead over Instawanker.

No, I won’t update like this every day, but at least now I have a spreadsheet so I can keep track more regularly. (Goddamn, I’m a loser …)


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